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Catering Los Angeles: From lunches, brunches and breakfasts…

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…to event planning for weddings, receptions and special occasions.

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Dream weddings, receptions and events served here

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Gourmet catering for Fall, Thanksgiving and the Holidays

Raising the stakes: Fine times, fine friends and fine food

Executive Chef Dwayne and our culinary and serving staff outdid themselves catering to a recent celebrity poker tournament. For your next table tourney, imagine incredible appetizers like Chili and Coriander Crusted Crab Cakes, Ahi Tuna Cucumber Canape, Served with Mint, Chicken Tarts with Mango Chutney and Toasted Coconut, or whatever your imagination can command. 
Preferred caterer to the Gores Group

Meet Tessa: Born in LA, raised in France, now our Assistant/Catering Sales.

Join us in welcoming culinary and hospitality expert Tessa Katz to Gourmet Celebrations. A graduate in Mathematics from UCLA, Tessa brings a rare passion and precision to her work planning and delivering superb catering experineces. In the words of Barry Saven, President, “Tessa’s decade of experience in hospitality is impressive. But what really makes her stand out is her obvious love for catering, for people and for culinary excellence.”
Catering Los Angeles and Las Vegas: Weddings, Special Events and Corporate Events

Food is love

Our passion is for providing happiness and joy through fresh, gourmet cuisine and service that sparkles with creativity, elegance and integrity Gourmet Celebrations provides event planning and catering in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Our menus reflect changing seasons, trends and tastes, so we can personalize one to your exact vision.

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Catering Los Angeles and Las Vegas: Weddings, corporate events, private affairs, and more.

If you have an upcoming event we’ll be happy to sit down with you for a free consultation and sample tasting. Just call or email today, or use the contact form, below. You’ll learn, see and taste how Gourmet Celebrations sets the standard in Los Angeles catering for freshness, flavor and flawless execution. We cater everything from formal dinners to casual picnics; from private weddings and receptions, to corporate lunches, brunches and events for brands like HBO, Google, Symantec, JP Morgan, and Nike. Gourmet Celebrations is proud to be a member of the Los Angeles, Culver City and Santa Monica Chambers of Commerce

We're a full service caterer & event planner

We serve happiness and joy through fresh, gourmet cuisine and service that sparkles with creativity and elegance.

Get a free special events catering consultation. 

We'd love to share our expert guidance regarding your upcoming event or occasion. Just fill out the form below to request your free event consultation.

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We’re one of the few caterers open 24/7. So we’re ready to connect anytime. 

Fill out our contact form, or call or email us. Whatever’s easiest. Los Angeles:  (310) 253.7705 info@gourmetcelebrations.com Las Vegas:  702.649.7358 lvinfo@gourmetcelebrations.com

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